Export to China

Why should I export my products to China?

How can I export them without risking damage to my brand?

What is importnat when choosing a partner for this venture?

Did you realize at first glance where the above picture was taken? If you are interested in extending your group of consumers you of course have to define your target group. All asian markets are very different. The above picture is taken in Japan which is incredibly different to the chinese market.

Many producers in Germany have approached us in recent years with the desire to utilize the immense consumption potential in the Chinese market.

In 2011, we opened our own office for Nuvovita’s subsidiary, Deng Ocean (www.deng-ocean.com), in Beijing. This provides us with significant advantages through:

  • Wholly-owned, German company in export from Germany and Europe to China
  • 100% reliability in handling your products and protecting your brand
  • Minimized legal risk through a thorough set up of all processes
  • Identification of reliable partners to support us in HR, Legal, Accountancy and Logistics
  • Knowledge of thriving and declining sales channels
  • Experience in the new Chinese import laws, which are beneficial to transparently working companies
  • Understanding of the Chinese culture and direct feedback channels for predicting the market’s reaction to a product

Our team in Beijing is working under German leadership and combines the efficiency and quality standard that producers and distributors expect from German imports, with deeply rooted experience and understanding of the Chinese import and distribution industry.

If you are an experienced producer in Germany and have the desire to find new consumers, it is necessary to make a decision regarding your level of involvement.

This depends on two factors: Investment and time. If you are willing to spend considerable time and money to establish your presence in China, you are looking for partners in estimating your success and establishing a presence. If you are looking to sell your products with little more involvement than necessary, you are looking for a partner to handle your product exclusively.

What Nuvovita can offer is technical support in import and distribution.

We are currently working with producers in the following industries:
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Olive Oil
  • Chocolate
  • Hard Candy
  • Milk
…and many more specialized fields from the areas of convenience food, trend drinks, organic food...

Please feel free to inquire about our business model for producers. If you are not sure how you fit in or where to lay the first brick; you are invited to learn about our services in the ‘Consultancy’ section.

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