Consultancy Services

Why should I export my products to China?

How can I export them without risking damage to my brand?

What is importnat when choosing a partner for this venture?
  • Are you fed up of people in your industry talking about their incredible sales in China?
  • Are you unsure if the risks involved with selling in China are digestible for your company?
  • Are you looking to enhance the efficiency of your production with modern, high quality materials from China?
  • Are you unsure how much you can save by using new sources or how reliable they will be?

Nuvovita has been importing goods from China for 30 years. We have seen many changes in the market, and they have been for the benefit of Chinese consumption and production quality.

In 2011, we began to implement a long anticipated step towards a fully integrated service. We expanded the capability of our Chinese subsidiary, Deng Ocean Beijing Trading LTD., by opening an office with a storage unit in Beijing.

This decision allows us to consult using hands on knowledge.
  • Where others have to rely on statistics or reports, we can ask our distributors and shipping agents
  • Where others have to estimate numbers, we can provide a transparent calculation based on our own successful projects.
  • Where others have to trust partners for the implementation of their suggestions, we can provide structures if required.

Our experience is a combination of traditional and strategic thinking in foreign markets, paired with a culturally integrated dynamic approach. Kai Büchsenmann, CEO of Nuvovita and Deng Ocean, is providing 20 years of direct experience. Paul Büchsenmann brings four years of experience in strategic, media and development consulting. Paul has lived in China since 2011 and gained a firm hold in the market. His hands on experience provides invaluable knowledge about Chinese culture and continuous insight into consumption, as an addition to the professional input provided by Deng Ocean`s sales team.

For Details we are looking forward to meet you in Hamburg and Beijing!

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