• Consulting Using
    Hands-on Knowledge

    Our experience is a combination of strategic thinking in foreign markets, paired with a culturally integrated dynamic approach

  • A Rich History of Reliability

    We have established a strong network during our 30 years of experience trading goods with China

  • A Dependable Service
    You Can Trust

    A family owned, German company offering a comprehensive service to bring your product to Chinese tables


Nuvovita -
Outstanding service
in Germany
and abroad


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Moin und Herzlich Willkommen, welcome to the Nuvovita GmbH.

Nuvovita GmbH is a trade company active in three main areas of business; the import of Chinese products, the export of German goods and a trade consulting service.

We are using this platform to introduce our background, and highlight our services and partnerships.

Please refer to the "About Us" section to learn about our company history and philosophy. You will also find a short overview of our diverse team located in Germany and abroad. At Nuvovita, we place immense importance on our Mission, as well as our Vision and Values. We invite you to discover what this means and how it shapes our focus and business practice.

Our ‘Services’ section highlights Nuvovita’s three areas of expertise in international trade.

  • If you are a producer in Germany wanting to import raw materials or finished products from China, our pharmaceutical division and experts for nutritional supplements can help you in procurement.
  • If you are considering the export of your German products, or streamlining your existing distribution process, you should be interested in our ‘Services’ section.
  • If you want to explore opportunities in the Chinese market, and looking for a unique and competitive concept, we look forward to speaking with you about our consultancy services.

In addition, we are proud to be able to address Chinese companies looking for German products, in partnership with our Beijing office (www.deng-ocean.com).

The ‘Contact’ section provides all the information you will need to contact us. If you are looking for employment opportunities we also encourage you to consult our ‘Jobs’ section and get in touch.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

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