Nuvovita stands for teamwork & credibility

Hamburg, situated in the north of Germany with Europe's second biggest harbor, is the cornerstone of Nuvovita´s history. The City of Hamburg has been, and continues to be, influential to Sino-German trade. The establishment of strong relationships throughout China, and in particular a firm partnership with Shanghai, has helped business thrive.

The family Büchsenmann has been working from Hamburg for many years. In the early 50’s Hans Büchsenmann came to Hamburg with a truck full of wood from southern Germany, and instead of repeating this venture decided to look for opportunities in the far east. During this period, he found himself amidst the growing textile consumer industry in Hong Kong. Hong Kong, still under British influence, provided him with the platform he needed to establish steady processes of trade between Chinese factories and European clothing brands. His son, Kai, joined the company at an early age in 1982 and inherited not only the passion for Chinese business, but also the keen eye for carefully identifying and seizing new avenues for business development in China. In answer to these market opportunities, Kai founded Nuvovita (Latin for "new life"); specialising in the import of food supplements from China to Germany.

Kai Büchsenmann has successfully taken this new orientation and continued to plan future development. In addition to his ongoing business, he spearheaded the physical entrance into the Chinese market in 2007. Deng Ocean Beijing Trading Ltd. was established as a Chinese legal entity, and alliances and partnerships were formed with key individuals in the market. In 2011, Paul Büchsenmann continued to evolve the focus of the family’s Chinese business by opening Nuvovita’s Beijing office and advancing into the export of German consumer products to China.

Today, Nuvovita’s Hamburg office is responsible for sourcing German products suitable for the Chinese market, as well as its traditional business of importing raw materials to the pharmaceutical production industry. Our Beijing office manages imports and distribution for our German partners. In collaboration, we offer a range of integrated consultancy services in Beijing and Hamburg. Our recent expansion to China has continued to grow exponentially in the last year due to demand arising from Deng Ocean`s and Nuvovita`s unique position in the market. More information can be found in our Vision and Values.

Our Team

Kai Büchsenmann


Paul Büchsenmann

CEO China - Beijing

Tadej Pusnik

Export Manager

Mission statement

As a family business, close ties and friendship are very important to us. We are looking to reflect this in all areas of our business with China.

Nuvovita´s core business is the import of raw materials to Germany. This business is driven by its financial opportunity as production in China is still a valuable option in many cases. Recently, the risk of low quality products has decreased immensely due to the Chinese government’s influence over dumping prices and adverse working conditions. This is a great development for Nuvovita and our clients in transparency and reliability.

Since 2005, our business in providing distribution for German producers in China has grown steadily. This is due to the increasing wealth and disposable incomes of more and more Chinese people. We have taken careful measures to increase our presence in the market and are now able to provide our clients with a wholly integrated value chain. We can offer procurement, export from and import into China, as well as distribution. Our distribution relies on a network of strong partners in online and offline sales. The Chinese online market offers incredible potential due to its advanced and low cost logistical support and access to the sheer number of individuals buying products online. We are utilizing this medium, as well as a number of offline channels targeted towards China’s 1st and 2nd tier cities.

Nuvovita´s third pillar of operation is our consulting business. Our aim is to provide customers with an integrated solution using a framework and services to realize your product from the moment it leaves your warehouse to placement in the biggest supermarkets in China. We hold in-house experience derived from employment with major strategy consultants as well as specialized consultancy firms. Our goal is to use this knowledge by focusing on hands on matters to provide our clients with achievable, individual strategies.

Vision & Values

At Nuvovita, we pride ourselves in assuring that our values are rooted within personal experiences and shared desires shaped by the history and dreams of the people in our company. We expect everyone involved with Nuvovita to operate in accordance with the same values.

These values include general principles of society, and a strong code of ethics specifically for trade. Therefore, we define ethics as concepts that apply both globally and individually. Our ethical code includes, but is not limited to:.

  • Equal opportunity – we do not differentiate between race, gender, origin, or any other individual characteristics. Nuvovita supports equal opportunity for all our staff, clients and throughout all business relationships.
  • Share of Wealth – we believe in the fair distribution of profits among our business partners as well as staff. Our staff is entitled to an adequate share of every project they undertake.
  • Environmentally Conscious – throughout all levels of business we look to act responsibly to protect our environment.
  • Cooperation – our principle is to work together, not against each other. Our common aim shall be to help each member in the value chain successfully source, produce and deliver products to the end consumer.

Societies moral compass is as twitchy as one held over the poles, because the global economy and the worlds different cultures are too complex to be judged by one. We pride ourselves in following these principles in all countries and markets in which we operate:
  • Any work attempted is not to be completed because of external motivation, but because of a strong desire to find and fulfill one’s purpose.
  • Our own safety and integrity is not to be priced or adapted.
  • In line with the above stated ethical code, we feel obliged not to differ from its course for any personal reason.
  • Demanding a share is the same as giving a share, in respect to the partners of our collaborations.

Our Vision is therefore derived a combination of our desires.

To form our perfect team one needs experienced suppliers, a knowledgeable processer and skilled sellers.

In accordance with all the above we can ensure:
  • Our professional staff working on supplying goods because they have a strong desire to deliver the best quality with regards to price and ethics.
  • Our professional staff working on the import process meticulously because they are fully committed to finding the perfect channel with regards to price and ethics.
  • Our professional staff working on the distribution of our products with passion and force, because they do not aim to sell a product, but to find the perfect solution towards enhancing our clients’ market share, with regards to price and ethics.

If you see yourself within this vision and values please contact us at” or search for a relevant position in our ‘Jobs’ section.